How do I change the primary account holder? Follow

If you have changed your 'primary account holder' to someone who should be a secondary profile, the following steps outline how to correct this. You cannot just allocate a different profile to be the 'primary account holder', but you can edit the 'primary account holder' profile details.


First log into your account on the HealthEngine website, if you are already logged in, hover over the account name and click my account.


Click on the primary account holder profile.


Then simply edit the details back to yourself, or who they should be. Don't forget to click save at the bottom of the page when you are done. 


Please note that you cannot change the mobile number for the 'primary account holder' on our website if it has been verified. This must be changed in the latest versions of our app, after a passcode is set for your account, or during the passcode setup as shown here. For further information on creating additional profiles within your account, click here



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