How can I setup to allow bookings for multiple vaccine types? Follow

Your practice will now be able to open up appointments for two or more vaccine types and allow the Eligibility Checker to point patients to book in with the correct vaccine.


Practice Steps

  • Open up your Practice Management Software
  • Create another practitioner - please ensure you label them with the vaccine type name you will be administering ie. "Pfizer Consult Room"
  • Ensure you also label any previously set up Practitioners to their respective vaccine types
  • Create availability for the newly created practitioner
  • Contact Healthengine support and advise you wish to setup the second vaccine type
  • The support team will enable you for the vaccine type, create the new practitioners(s) on Healthengine and link them to your PMS.

Patient Experience

  • Depending on the results from the Government Eligibility Checker, the associated vaccine appointment type and times will show.
  • If your clinic does not offer the vaccine type that the patient is eligible for, they may be redirected to the Healthengine marketplace to assist them in getting vaccinated as soon as possible.
  • If the patient is eligible for more than one vaccine type, and your clinic offers both, the patient will see all appointment types as per your clinic settings.
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