Healthengine's App 'To do' Screen Follow

On the Healthengine App, you will see the addition of a To Do screen which allows you to set up and remind yourself of tasks such as taking your medication or booking in a yearly check up!

To use Healthengine's To Do service simply click on the person icon in the top right hand corner of the app and you'll be taken to your Accounts page. From here, select 'To Do' under App Data.


Please Note: You will need to be logged into your account to use this feature. 

To begin adding tasks to your To Do list, click the + button as seen in the image below. You may want to add a tasks such as:

  • Ask your doctor about a new medication
  • Ask your doctor to send you something
  • Book in a yearly check-up
  • Take your medication
  • Stretch or do an exercise


You can then set a date and time for the reminder - If it's a repeat task, you can set your time period to repeat the reminder.


Once you complete the task, you can click the circle next to it and mark this as completed but leave it in your list for reference. Alternatively, you can also swipe or click into the task to delete and remove the task completely.

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