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Consent forms are a digital confirmation for COVID-19 vaccinations that practices can choose to include as part of their Healthengine pre-screening forms!

Please note: The Healthengine pre-screening forms will need to be activated for this consent form feature to be enabled. 


Prior to their appointment, patients will be sent an email confirmation with the included pre-screening/consent form to fill out before their arrival. An example of this consent form can be seen below: 



This form is based on the government's requirements and can be completed by the patient or their legal guardian! 

The patient/guardian will simply need to tick three compulsory boxes stating they agree to the information provided and enter their full name to be completed. 


Where to find pre-screening/consent forms

A completed pre-screening/consent form will be uploaded as a PDF to your Practice Admin and can be found in either Bookings > bookings or Forms -> Pre-screening Forms. 





To view this pre-screening form in Bookings, click on the yellow form icon beside a patient's name -> scroll down on the pop-up booking information -> then click 'Download form'.

Example of the Pre-screening form in Bookings: 


To view this pre-screening form in Pre-screening Forms, click on the icon beneath 'Download form' beside a patient's name.

Example of the Pre-screening form in Pre-screening Forms: 

These pre-screening/consent forms can also be attached to patient files if your practice management software is integrated with Healthengine! 


To add consent forms to your COVID-19 vaccination bookings, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team on and request it! 


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