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Booking an appointment on healthengine is easy. Please see below for a step by step guide on booking appointments on the healthengine website.


  • First navigate to our homepage, and if you have an account you can log in using the link in the top right hand corner of the page.


Once logged in, you can always return to that menu to view bookings, edit profiles, view your My Care Team, or log out. Screen_Shot_2021-11-12_at_7.59.35_am.png


  • Select a specialty from the options shown. You can also click show more to see additional specialties you can book on healthengine or free type in the search bar. You can then type your suburb into the search bar to narrow search results to your location.



  • Once you hit the search button, you will be taken to a page of search results listing any clinics that may match your search criteria for specialty and suburb. You can also apply filters at the top of the page to narrow the results further. There may be some filters already selected depending on the specialty you have selected - for example, GP searches will show clinics with appointments available for you to 'book online' 'today'. This means you will only see clinics that have availability published for today. Feel free to adjust the filters to your preference.



  • The search results display below. You will see any featured practices at the top and then below that they are sorted by the search criteria you have selected and things like availability, and distance from the search location. You can click on the clinic names to view their profiles and read about them, you can click the next available appointment time to book that time or you can click all availabilities to view other times that are available.



  • Before choosing an appointment time, you might want to specify your practitioner. You can do this on the practices profile, or on the all availabilities screen using the practitioner drop down above the appointment times. You can also use the drop down for specialty to change specialties if your chosen clinic offers multiple specialties.  If you do not specify a practitioner here, you are viewing all practitioners availabilities, and may choose a time that corresponds to a doctor other than the one you intend to book. If you only want to see a specific practitioner, you must select the practitioner first so that you are only viewing and choosing from that practitioners availability.



  • Once you select an appointment time you will open the booking form where you can begin booking your appointment. The booking form begins with any policies your practice may have added to inform you of different things before booking. 



  • You then get asked a series of questions that determine whether you are new to that practice or not and what types of appointments the practice can offer you in the next question.



  • On the appointment type question, you are presented with the appointment types your practice has set up on their healthengine portal for their patients to book online. These appointment types can vary depending on whether you are a new patient or not, whether the clinic offers telehealth appointments, and what they like to use their online bookings for. If there are types you would like to see added, please communicate that to your practice directly, as they have access to update those appointment types at any time.



If you choose an appointment type that is longer than the available time the clinic has at your chosen appointment time, then the form will ask you to select a new appointment time where there is sufficient availability for the chosen appointment type. 



  • You then fill in your details, and at the bottom of the patient details page before you hit continue, you can check the box to join our mailing list if you wish. 



  • Once you complete the booking form you come to a booking confirmation page that allows you to cancel or reschedule at the bottom of the page if needed and the practices software permits it. This page can be reaccessed from a link in the booking confirmation email that you also receive at this time. If the practice has our new patient forms active, you will also see the link to begin your form. 



  • There is also a link to add the booking to a particular calendar, as well as to download our app or book a covid vaccination. If you were logged in while making this booking, you should now be able to go back to our homepage, or our app, and see the appointment listed in your upcoming bookings. 




If you need any help viewing your bookings list, please see the article here.

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