COVID-19 Pre-screening Forms Follow

Pre-screening Forms are a set of digital questions sent to patients who have booked their COVID-19 vaccination appointments with your practice! These questions provide additional information about the patient receiving their selected vaccine type and can be found and easily managed ahead of their booking. 


Patient side of Pre-screening Forms

24 hours before their appointment patients will be sent an email with the Pre-screening Form to fill out. In this form, patients are required to read the given information about their vaccination choice and then answer a set of 'Yes' or 'No' questions in accordance with the government guidelines. An example of this can be seen below:


For a full preview of the Pre-screening Form, please click here


Please note: Consent forms can be included with the Pre-screening Form upon request to our Healthengine Support Team! You can find out more about consent forms by reading our Healthengine Help Centre article: Making consent easier with COVAX.


Where can I find a patient's Pre-screening Form?

A patient's completed Pre-screening Form can be found in your Practice Admin! The form will be inserted 24 hours before the patient's appointment and then removed from the following sections 14 days after.


The Pre-screening Form will be uploaded as a PDF to your Practice Admin and can be found in either Bookings > bookings or Forms -> Pre-screening forms. 




To view this pre-screening form in 'Bookings', click on the yellow form icon beside a patient's name -> scroll down on the pop-up booking information -> then click 'Download form'.

Example of the Pre-screening form in 'Bookings': 


To view this pre-screening form in 'Pre-screening forms', click on the icon beneath 'Download form' beside a patient's name.

Example of the Pre-screening form in Pre-screening: 


Please Note: If your practice management software is integrated with Healthengine, the Pre-screening Forms will be attached to the patient files in your PMS!


If you'd like to add Pre-screening Forms to your COVID-19 vaccination bookings, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team at

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