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To be eligible to receive a profile rating on your Healthengine Patient Connect profile, you must have activated the Feedback and Reviews product in your Practice Admin. 

To learn how to do this and see other frequently asked questions about Feedback and Reviews, please visit our FAQ here.


Your profile rating is based on the third question in the Feedback and Reviews survey which is a Yes/No-style question that asks patients whether they would recommend your practice to others.


Note that this is an optional question on the survey form, so even if a patient has given a score of 0-10 for the first question, they may not have given a response to this third question.


The rating is then calculated by taking the percentage of 'Yes' responses from the total number of responses. E.g. if you had 250 total responses in the past 12 months and 230 of those were 'Yes' responses, your profile rating would be 92%.

Note that this only includes responses received in the past 12 months, so the rating can change day-to-day even if you haven't received any new survey responses. 


To learn more about Feedback and Reviews, please visit our FAQ here

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