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About New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms allows your patients to complete their New Patient Form electronically before their appointment with your practice. 

This feature is available as a free, optional add-on for customers with a Practice Efficiency Suite subscription, Online Booking System subscription, and/or Telehealth subscription. If you are eligible and would like to have this feature activated on your account, you can do this by visiting Practice Admin > Bookings > New Patient Forms and following the instructions. Otherwise, please contact your Customer Success Manager who will discuss options with you. 

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How does it work for Patients?

To facilitate the New Patient Forms feature, a few small changes have been made to the existing Online Booking flow. 

The first change is to provide patients with messaging in the Booking Form when they select that they are a new patient of your practice. 


This lets patients know upfront that they need to fill in a New Patient Form before attending their appointment. 

The second change is to add information about New Patient Forms to the Booking Success page along with a link to complete their New Patient Form. Note: this page shows once the patient has completed their booking. 


Finally, the same message and link appears in the patients' Booking Confirmation email. 

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Filling in the New Patient Form

Once the patient clicks the 'Start the form' link, they will be taken to a secure web page containing the empty form. At this point, they are able to fill in their details and submit them to your practice. 

The information that is able to be completed by the patient in the form is outlined below. All required items are marked with an asterisk. Note that this is the information collected by default. You are able to add custom fields to the end of the form if you wish. 

    • Patient title*, first name* and last name*
    • Date of birth*, gender*, marital status, and occupation
    • Residential address* and postal address
    • Home number, work number, and mobile number*
    • Email address*
    • Medicare card number, reference number, and expiry date
    • Details of their Pension, Health Care Card, and/or Veterans Affairs cards (if applicable)
    • Whether they have Private Health Insurance and if so their fund name and number
    • Next of kin details (name*, relationship to patient*, mobile number*, home number, work number)
    • Emergency contact details (name*, relationship to patient*, mobile number*, home number, work number)
    • Whether they have an advance care directive for end of life care
    • Cultural background (Aboriginal status*, Torres Strait Islander status*, other cultural background, country of birth*, spoken languages*, preferred language*)
    • Whether or not an interpreter is required*
    • List of allergies and/or intolerances, including a description of the reaction for each
    • List of regular medications and doses 
    • Smoking and alcohol history
    • Whether they consent/agree to:
      • Being contacted by the practice with health-related reminders, appointment reminders and practice updates
      • Being contacted by the Immunisation and Pap smear registers with health-related reminders
      • Their having completed the form completely and accurately to the best of their knowledge.*
      • Accept HealthEngine’s privacy policy, terms and conditions, and collection statement and that the information they submitted in the form will be shared with your practice.*


See an example New Patient Form

You can view an example of the New Patient Form here. Note that this is a demo form only and you will get an error when you submit the form. The demo form will not include any custom fields added by your practice. 

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How to access a submitted New Patient Form

Once the patient has submitted their form, a notification email is sent to the Primary Contact at your practice, as per your Notifications settings in Practice Admin (the contact with a star next to it). This email contains a direct link to view the patient form details securely in Practice Admin. 

Alternatively, if you are using Best Practice, MedicalDirector/Pracsoft, or Zedmed, a PDF copy of the New Patient Form will automatically be saved against the relevant patient record in your Practice Management Software. 

For customers using Best Practice, the PDF will appear under the 'Correspondence In' section of the patient file.

For customers using MedicalDirector/Pracsoft, the PDF will appear under File > Scan/Import Correspondence.

For customers using Zedmed the PDF will appear under the 'Documents' section of the patient file or under Clinical Records > Results > Results Inbox (the Result Type is "Document" and the Result Description is "HealthEngine Patient Form"). 

Additionally, for users of Best Practice, MedicalDirector/Pracsoft, or Zedmed, most of the information can be set to automatically update in the patients' file if your account is configured to do so. To enable this, simply speak to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) who can enable it for you. 

For more information about our New Patient Forms integrations, please view our related article here

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Viewing a submitted New Patient Form

At this point, you are able to transfer the details recorded in the form into your Practice Management Software if you wish. Note that you have up until 14 days after the patient's booked appointment date to transfer these details; after this point, the details will be deleted from Practice Admin and HealthEngine's database in order to comply with relevant privacy legislation. 


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How to customise your practice's New Patient Form

If you would like to add any fields to the New Patient Form, you can now do this in Practice Admin. Please view our related article here for more information. 

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That's it! Now you know all you need to know about New Patient Forms. If you have any questions or concerns about the content of this article, please reach out to our friendly Support team using the 'Help' button in the bottom right corner of Practice Admin or by emailing


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