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Our new D4W integration works in sync with the Centaur e-Appointments you may already be using for your online appointments on your own website. If you are not set up for e-Appointments with Centaur you will not be able to integrate your appointments with HealthEngine and will be using the sidebar to publish availability. You can read about the HealthEngine sidebar here

For those that are able to integrate, the following troubleshooting tips may be of use:

I'm not picking up the practitioners appointment book

If you are not picking up your practitioners appointment book in HealthEngine to connect, check in D4W to see if you have that practitioner enabled to sync for e-Appointments in your e-Appointments setup. 



Please note you may need to contact Centaur for additional licences if yours are all in use.


How to set up your appointment types

Our integration with your D4W requires that all the appointment types you have listed on HealthEngine are linked to an appointment type in your D4W PMS and that the lengths match those set up in D4W. If they are not linked or the lengths do not match, the booking will fail. To set up your appointment types, link them, and set the correct lengths, log into your HealthEngine practice admin portal and go to settings> manage practitioners> edit appointment types.



Some of my linked PMS appointment types are missing

Simply press the refresh appointment types button at the top of the page in settings> manage practitioners> edit appointment types.



I'm using pre set slots but they aren't showing online

If using the pre set slots for D4W, the way to check they are set up correctly is outlined in the following image:


The availability showing on HealthEngine is not correct

If you see an issue with the availability displayed on HealthEngine for any of your practitioners, the first troubleshooting step is to check on your own website to see if the availability is displaying the same way through your D4W e-Appointments online booking system. If you have the same issue there, then you should contact D4W directly to correct the issue. If it is showing differently on HealthEngine, please contact our support team for further assistance.


For further assistance with the new Centaur D4W and HealthEngine integration please contact our support team at support@healthengine.com.au 

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