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Our D4W integration works in sync with the Centaur e-Appointments you may already be using for your online appointments on your own website. If you are not set up for e-Appointments with Centaur you will not be able to integrate your appointments with Healthengine and will be using our 'manage availability' calendar tool to publish availability. You can read about the Healthengine calendar and sidebar tools here

For those that are able to integrate, here is a brief overview of how this integration works.

You can find our troubleshooting tips towards the end of the article.

There are also further tips to help ensure you get the most out of your Healthengine online bookings.



  • We connect to your Centaur E-Appointments via API, meaning we do not require access to any server computers, and there is no software to install. This eliminates issues that can arise from hardware or server connections.


  • You can adjust what availability is shown online directly from D4W. There are three options to choose from, Free time only (the blank slots in your appointment diary), Preset slots only (where you need to manually create slots that publish online), or both.



  • You can select which doctors books will be available to connect in Healthengine directly from D4W, as well as how far in advance you want your availability to publish (max 90 days) and how quickly our two systems communicate (please set this to 1 minute for optimal performance)


  • Allocate appointment types to each practitioner in your Centaur e-appointments portal and set the length required for each type. 


  • In your Healthengine portal, you then link up your Healthengine appointment types to those you created in your Centaur portal, and match the length to what is set in your Centaur portal for each of the different appointment types you have added.


  • When a patient chooses one of those appointment types online, the integration will automatically insert the appointment into your D4W diary, and allocate the required length. It’s that easy! 


  • The integration does not support online cancellations, so if a patient needs to cancel or reschedule their appointment, they will call you to do so. You can then remove the appointment from your D4W diary to redisplay the appointment time for another patient to fill.





The following troubleshooting tips may also be of use:




Step by Step Guide for adding a new practitioner

  • Step 1. Add the practitioner in your D4W practice management software. 
  • Step 2. Mark the practitioner as enabled to sync in your E-Appointments setup in D4W as shown here
  • Step 3. Log into your Centaur e-appointments portal and click on the three lines in the top right > Practice Management > eAppointments > Providers reason list > Select Practitioner Name at the top > Find and click the reason under Add reason for List > Then select the length. This will add the appointment types for the new practitioner to take online. You can access your Centaur E-Appointments portal by using the link below and changing the XXX to your Centaur Org ID. https://www.centaurportal.com/d4w/org-XXX/landing?sourceID=null
  • Step 4. Log into your HealthEngine practice admin portal and go to Manage practitioners> and click add practitioner. Fill in their details and select their appointment book.
  • Step 5. Click 'edit appointment types' next to the new practitioners name and on the 'edit appointment types' screen click the 'refresh appointment types' button at the top of the page as shown here
  • Step 6. Link the practitioners HealthEngine appointment types to your D4W appointment types as shown here. You should also ensure the length of time matches that set up in your Centaur e-appointments portal for the types you are linking. After that you are all done and patients will be able to book in with your new practitioner.

(Please note, if you are using the pre set slots setup for your e-appointments, you will need to set those up for your new practitioner, and also ensure your preset slots are setup correctly, see here for further instruction.)



I'm not picking up the practitioners appointment book

If you are not picking up your practitioners appointment book in HealthEngine to connect, check in D4W to see if you have that practitioner enabled to sync for e-Appointments in your e-Appointments setup. This is found under Options> Setup eAppointments in D4W.



Please note you may need to contact Centaur for additional licences if yours are all in use.




How to set up your appointment types

Our integration with your D4W requires that all the appointment types you have listed on HealthEngine are linked to an appointment type in your Centaur E-Appointments portal and that the lengths match those set up in D4W. If they are not linked or the lengths do not match, the booking will fail. To set up your appointment types, link them, and set the correct lengths, log into your HealthEngine practice admin portal and go to Appointments setup> Appointment types.




Some of my linked PMS appointment types are missing

If you have created some new appointment types in your centaur e-appointments portal, simply press the refresh appointment types button at the top of the page in Appointments setup> Appointment types to bring these across to the HealthEngine linked PMS appointment drop down.


To add more appointment types in your centaur e-appointments portal, you can access your Centaur E-Appointments portal by using the link below and changing the XXX to your Centaur Practice ID. https://www.centaurportal.com/d4w/org-XXX/landing?sourceID=null

Log into your Centaur e-appointments portal and click on the three lines in the top right > Practice Management > eAppointments > Providers reason list > Select Practitioner Name at the top > Find and click the reason under Add reason for List > Then select the length. This will add the appointment types for the new practitioner to take online.

We recommend having no more than 5 or 6 reasons for each practitioner for an optimal user experience.




I'm using pre set slots but they aren't showing online

Preset slots need to be set up correctly in regards to being ticked to show online and work time set to yes, as outlined in the image below:




I'm using preset slots and I'm not getting as many bookings as I would like 

If you find your booking numbers aren't as high as you would like, there is one quick change that you can consider that is very easy to make. Publish free time. Using pre set slots means you are limiting your availability to times that you want to publish, but they may not be the times patients are looking to book. Rather than using pre set slots, we recommend publishing all free time. This means that if you are available, the patient can book in. It means less administrative work, as you no longer need to remember to create your preset slots, and it also means you will no longer be potentially losing patients, by not creating pre set slots in the time that suits the patient.


To make this change, in D4W, go to: Go To> Location Setup> General> eServices>Types of slots for the sync> one of the options with free time as shown in the screenshots below:Screen_Shot_2020-10-21_at_8.41.05_am.png

Once in eServices menu:




The availability showing on Healthengine is not correct

If you see an issue with the availability displayed on Healthengine for any of your practitioners, the first troubleshooting step is to check on your own website to see if the availability is displaying the same way through your D4W e-Appointments online booking system. If you have the same issue there, then you should contact D4W directly to correct the issue. If it is showing differently on Healthengine, please contact our support team for further assistance.



Healthengine appointments are inserting into the patient file in Dental4Windows as 'Ms' despite the patient not specifying this on the booking form

Customer Support can resolve this by setting the Patient Gender Field in the booking form to 'Required'.

This field can only be changed by Healthengine so please contact our support team for further assistance via live chat or support@healthengine.com.au



Tips to keep it easy

  • To keep managing your Healthengine eAppointments easier, we recommend not overwhelming patients with appointment type choices. Try to limit it to only about 6 types per practitioner, and if practitioners offer the same types of appointments use the same appointment reasons so that the language is uniform across your booking system regardless of the practitioner they choose. This will also make it easier for you to manage as if you do need to change your appointment types there won't be as many that you need to check are linked and matching up to your eAppointment length afterwards. 
  • Use free time only rather than preset slots so that you don't need to keep creating the preset slots in your diary in order to publish. This also helps increase the chances of you publishing a time that suits the patient. 
  • Add a cancellation policy to your booking form in Appointments setup> practice policies so that patients are aware they cannot cancel online and what to do should they be unable to make it to their appointment. 
  • Add your booking history page to your favourites so that you can easily get back there and mark cancellations before your billing date. 
  • Talk to your patients about their booking experience. Were there any appointment types they found confusing or any types they would like you to add to your booking form? You might learn that the terminology you are using doesn't make sense to all patients and they could prefer simpler language for the appointment type options in the booking form. 


For further assistance with the new Centaur D4W and Healthengine integration please contact our support team at support@healthengine.com.au . If your query is in regards to the Centaur E-appointments portal, please contact D4W directly. 

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