HealthEngine New Patient Forms Data Collection Consent Follow

We understand the confidentiality of your personal information (including health information) is important to you.

The use of our New Patient Forms is optional, but by choosing to proceed you consent to us collecting and disclosing your health information as described in our Collection Statement and privacy policy and as described here. 

We collect your personal information for the purpose of providing our New Patient Forms service and to help us provide you with better services (including for marketing our goods and services and those of third parties which we believe may be of interest to you, that you may opt out of). 

We will disclose your personal information to the doctor that you have selected and their practice for the purpose of providing you with a health related service.  We may also use and disclose to third parties de-identified information of our users for analysis, research and quality assurance purposes. 

Your personal information may also be disclosed to our third party service providers on a confidential basis for the purpose of providing goods or services to us, or to other third parties as authorised or required by law. By proceeding, you consent to our collection of your personal information (including health information) as described above. 

If you do not wish to give such consent, you must not proceed. 

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