How do I publish Flu shot appointments? Follow

We get a number of enquiries from patients on how they should book their Flu vaccination appointments and if they are even available at a particular practice.  

To make it easier for patients, please ensure you update the following information in your practice admin portal ahead of time:

  • Does your profile overview include any necessary information patients might need regarding your practices influenza vaccination process? Learn how to update your profile here.
  • Have you created an appointment type for influenza vaccination? Learn how to create additional appointment types here
  • Can families get vaccinated together? You may wish to set up a family vaccination appointment type of a longer length to accomodate this. 
  • Are you interested in sending out flyers or letters to your patients regarding influenza vaccination availability? The HealthEngine logo is available for use in your communication here
  • If you have our new Communicate product, send out a message to your patients that the flu shot is now available. To learn how click here.

For further support in preparing your practice for Flu season, please contact our support team.


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