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If you are new to HealthEngine you may ask what the benefits are of booking online rather than just calling the practice. Here are some of the benefits our patients find by booking online:

  • Choose the appointment time you want, not just the options the reception may read out to you over the phone.
  • Book an appointment any time of day or night, without having to wait for a clinic to open and answer their phones and avoid being put on hold. 
  • Plan your healthcare and keep track of your schedule - you can view upcoming appointments on the app and receive reminders about your appointments.
  • See a history of your health appointments - Ever wondered when it was you went to the doctors last time or when it was that you last had a particular appointment type? These details are saved under your previous appointments history to view at any time.
  • Our app also allows you to save your doctors details to your 'My Care Team' so that you can easily rebook with them again from the home screen without having to search for their details.
  • The My Care Team is not limited to GPs, save your favourite physio, dentist, and specialists details if they're on HealthEngine too. We offer a broad range of specialties easily accessible in the one place. 
  • You can also access Telehealth appointments and avoid the practice altogether!
  • Some practices will even allow the ability to cancel your appointment online, without having to make a phone call!

There are even more features available that our patients love, and we are expanding our services all the time! Get started with HealthEngine today by downloading our App here.


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