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The Healthengine Communicate feature allows your practice to send important service-related messages to your patients via bulk SMS!
While you can create your own custom message, we also provide template options for our most requested common uses!

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Telehealth Available

The 'Telehealth available' template can be used to let your patients know that you are offering telehealth appointments at your practice. 




Flu Vaccine available

The 'Flu Vaccine available' template can be used to let your patients know that you have flu vaccines in stock at your practice. 




Healthcare during COVID-19

The 'Healthcare during COVID-19' template can be used to let patients know that you are still open for face-to-face appointments and to encourage them to seek any healthcare they need. 



Skin Check Reminder

The 'Skin Check Reminder' template can be used to remind patients to care for their skin during the summer period and to book a skin check appointment. 




New Practitioner

The 'New Practitioner' template can be used to introduce patients to a new practitioner starting at your practice.



Practitioner Sick

The 'Practitioner Sick' template can be used to inform patients that the practitioner their appointment is with is away sick and unable to attend their appointment, and to prompt them to rebook their appointment. 



If there are additional template options that would like to see added to Communicate, please let us know by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager or by contacting our friendly Customer Support Team via phone, chat or email the details to

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