SMS notifications for Secure Video telehealth appointments Follow

We’ve added new functionality to our Secure Video Telehealth product that will send an SMS to the practitioner when a patient enters the waiting room for their video consultation.


What does the SMS contain?

The SMS tells the practitioner the name of the patient (first initial, last name), the time of the appointment, and provides them with a link to start the appointment from their mobile device. See below for an example:



How much does this feature cost?

This feature is currently being offered free of charge as part of our paid Telehealth solution.


How do I enable this feature?

If you have yet to turn on Telehealth at your practice you can follow these steps to activate via Practice Admin. If you have activated Telehealth, eligible customers can now go into Practice Admin > Manage Practitioners > Edit Profile to add the mobile number for each practitioner that would like this feature. Just check the box to say you would like to receive the SMS for telehealth video consults. Please see below how this looks:


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