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Need to temporarily hide your appointments? It could be because you are in the midst of amending your availability schedules or a particular doctor has decided they no longer want to publish appointments online but your other doctors do. This article will explain how you can hide and unhide your appointments at your own convenience.

In your Practice Admin portal, go to Settings> Manage Practitioners> Edit appointment types.



On this page you will see three toggles at the top of the page. The top one will hide all your practitioners' appointments, while the bottom two will only hide the appointments for the practitioner selected, from either the HealthEngine network, or your own website/Facebook.

Once a practitioner's appointments are hidden, the little circle next to their name will become red.



If all practitioners' appointments are hidden they will all be red. 

When a practitioner's appointments are hidden, they will no longer appear in the drop down on your profile or booking widget for patients to see their availability and book with them.


You can then toggle them back on the same way when you are ready.

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