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If we are integrated with your Front Desk software, there are a few things you can check if you notice any irregularities with your availability.


Have I set up my availability correctly?

If you notice any availability is missing, you may want to look at the rules that you have set up in your Front Desk software. For Front Desk integration we will only publish what is available within the scheduled rules in your Front Desk software. Follow the illustrations below to locate the rules.

First click the system information icon:


Then in the window that appears click appointment book, and then rules on the side.


Ensure that you have a rule set up for the times you feel are missing from your availability.

Next to the rules you will notice two checkboxes. If the app checkbox is ticked this allows you to manually create appointments during these times directly into your Front Desk appointment book.


The 'sch' tickbox is what will publish your online appointments onto Healthengine. Think of this as 'scheduled to be available online'. 

If no tickboxes are checked it means that the practitioner is not available at that time. You can create rules with no checkboxes ticked for things like lunch breaks, meetings, out of office, or clinic closed times.

You can't check the boxes from the main rule viewing screen, so if you need to make any adjustments, click into the rule and then you can tick the boxes as shown in the image below. 


Important: If you have added a date range in your rule, but have also ticked 'repeat rule: Forever', this may cause issues which will result in the availability not being displayed. Ensure your rules make logical sense. It is also important to note that archived rules with this inconsistency will still affect your availability even though the rules have been archived. We advise deleting the rule rather than archiving it to ensure it does not affect your availability.


I have correctly set rules for my availability but the wrong times are showing

If you have rules set correctly but the availability is still not showing as you intended, the next thing to check is the order of the rules.

With Front Desk, the order of your rules will affect what availability is displayed.   For example, if you have a rule saying that you are not available from 1-5 on weekdays, but a rule below that saying that the clinic is open from 9-5 on weekdays, your availability will show as 9-5 purely because of the order of those rules. If you reverse the order of the rules, your availability will show from 9-1.

As this can become quite a complex puzzle of availability rule logic we strongly advise that any rules that are no longer in use, or are out of date, are deleted from your Front Desk rules to avoid confusion.  The more rules you have the longer it will take to decipher what should be showing and what shouldn't and it can be very difficult to keep on top of managing your availability correctly. 


How can I use multiple columns with my Front Desk integration?

If you are using multiple columns in your Front Desk appointment book, your rules should automatically apply to both columns unless you have specified a particular column in your rule.

By default, we block duplicate availability for a practitioner, however we can add booked_appointments_block_duplicate_availability=no to your configuration so that the time remains available until both columns are booked. To request this be added, send us a message on live chat or an email to



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