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Getting Started

If you have signed up for our Practice Efficiency Suite subscription, you now have the Recalls product. Congratulations on taking the first step in making processing recalls an easy task for you and your practice.

If you have not yet upgraded your subscription, you may be able to change your tier in your Practice Admin account following the instructions here. Alternatively please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Once signed up, you will first need to activate your Recalls product by going to Products > Recalls in your Practice Admin account. 


Once you follow the instructions to activate you can begin to use the Recalls product.

Before you get started, there are a few things you should do to ensure you get the most out of our recalls product:

  • Print out our marketing resources here to start letting patients know that you are using this service now.
  • Familiarise yourselves with the terminology used and where we read recalls from in your own software. You can learn about that here.
  • Open the 'Preferences' tab of your Recalls and update your preferences. You can learn about these preferences here.
  • Prepare your templates for both SMS and Letter. Start off with some example templates, or create your own SMS or letter templates. You can edit and customise these at any stage. Learn how to edit SMS or letter templates.
  • Looking for more automation? Learn about Recalls categories here. 
  • You should then watch our training videos here.

Once you have completed these steps you are ready to begin.


The Basics

To get started in the easiest way possible, firstly go to your Recalls page and select 'Sync Recalls' to get the most up to date data across before you begin.  


In the screenshot above, you can see it was last synced 46 minutes ago. This means if any recalls have been added to your practice management software in the last 46 minutes, or any recalls have been marked as completed or given in your software in the last 46 minutes - that won't yet be reflected in your Recalls product. It's important to sync before you begin so you are not missing out on any recalls or contacting patients unnecessarily. 

You can now get started actioning your recalls by SMS, letter, or call

The recommended way to get started processing your recalls most efficiently is to first use the filters to select the following: your recall reason, communication type as SMS, and booked next appointment - no. 


These filters will bring up any recalls with the recall reason selected, in which the patient has a mobile number available to SMS, and has not already booked an appointment to come in. 

You can then select all the recalls displayed and click SMS to select the template you wish to send or if you have assigned that reason to a recalls category it will automatically send the SMS template associated with that category. 


After those recalls have been actioned by SMS, return to the to action screen and then select the filters for the same recall reason, and booked next appointment - no. You will then see any remaining recalls with that reason that were not sent an SMS in the previous step because they don't have a mobile number. Select and action these remaining ones by either a call or a letter. 

You would then repeat this process for each of the recall reasons you have. 

Once you have mastered this basic way of actioning your recalls, you can start to use saved filters, templates, preferences, and categories in ways that will make the process even quicker, more personalised, and more efficient for you. 

Don't forget you can always chat to our support team live to get the answers to any further questions you might have. Find out how to live chat here.

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