How do I export a CSV file from Best Practice for Communicate? Follow

If you are using our Communicate product and are unaware of how to export a list of patient mobile numbers from Best Practice for Communicate, please see the following instructions.


Step 1:

Navigate to the Utilities > Search menu in Best Practice. 


From here, you will see a window titled ‘Database search’ with a prefilled SQL query that will extract a list of your active patients and their details:


Step 2: 

You can run this query as-is to export or, if you’d like to send a Communicate message for a specific subset of your patients, such as men over 50 or children under 16, you can click the ‘Demographics’ button to define your requirements and narrow down the list of patients accordingly. 


Once you’ve defined your additional requirements in the demographics menu, the SQL query will automatically be updated accordingly. Click on ‘Run query’ to see the list of patients.



Step 3:

Once you’re happy with the list of patients, simply click the save icon (floppy disc) at the top to export the list to a CSV file. Note that the save feature defaults to XML file, so you will need to change it to CSV file before saving. 


Once you’ve saved the CSV file, please check before uploading the CSV file to Communicate that only the mobile number column remains, as Communicate will not be able to translate any other information such as patient name. This can be done in Excel or similar programs by deleting all other columns containing information other than mobile numbers. 

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please contact Best Practice directly for further assistance, or our friendly support team can assist via Live Chat

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