Appointment cancellations that happen outside HealthEngine (Offline Cancellations) Follow

We’re improving the way we handle patient appointment cancellations that happen outside HealthEngine, for Best Practice, Pracsoft and Zedmed users.

This means HealthEngine bookings that you mark as cancelled in your practice management system, will soon be reflected as cancelled in HealthEngine.

For example, patients who book their appointment through HealthEngine and then call your practice directly to cancel their appointment, will have their appointment updated in HealthEngine as cancelled.You will also see the appointment marked as cancelled in your Practice Admin account along with the cancellation reason.

Patients will also no longer receive the reminder email from HealthEngine once their appointment is cancelled. 
This improvement is included as a feature of the HealthEngine booking system and there is no cost to your practice for this improvement.

Cancelled bookings will appear in the Bookings page of your Practice Admin account.


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