A Patient has a Booking Confirmation but I Never Received the Booking Follow

If a patient has come into your practice with a booking confirmation but you have no record of this booking in your system then you might be feeling a little confused. Although rare, in these instances, it's important that you maintain the patients confidence in your booking system and try to accommodate them as best you can before notifying us to investigate the issue!

To learn more about this issue, check out our Help Centre article, Why Didn't an Appointment Go into my Appointment Book?


Please Note: It's important to remember that we notify you of an appointment made with your practice in 3 ways - an insertion into your appointment diary (if you are using an integrated software) is just one of these ways.

Please check the other methods in this article before telling a patient you have no record of their booking.


Where is the Patient's Booking?

There are many reasons why an appointment may not have insert into your appointment diary, these can include:

If you are surprised by this patient at the time of their booking that you didn't receive, it could mean that a collision or loss of connection email may have been overlooked. You can update your notification settings by following our Help Centre article, Notifications in Practice Admin.

If a patient shows you their booking confirmation, this means that the booking has been added to your Practice Admin bookings list and is proof that they booked the appointment and you have received notification.

Booking Notifications from Healthengine

Healthengine sends your practice booking notifications in 3 ways: 

  1. The booking is added to your Practice Admin portal bookings list.
  2. You receive an email booking notification to the email set to receive these in your Practice Admin
  3. The booking is inserted into your Practice Management Software or a notification is triggered on your Sidebar for you to manually transfer the booking details across to your diary.

Please ensure if any patient arrives for a booking that has not entered into your appointment diary, that you check your bookings list in your Practice Admin portal first.

We encourage you to ensure a patients confirmed appointments are acknowledged as they will feel comfortable to rebook with your practice in the future!

If the booking is in your Practice Admin but not your software, we welcome you to contact our Customer Support Team to investigate any integration issues that may need attending to or to simply provide you peace of mind with an explanation.

You can reach our friendly Customer Support Team via phone, chat or email support@healthengine.com.au

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