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Although HealthEngine gives patients the ability to re-schedule and cancel their own bookings, we have also added this ability directly on Calendar for you in the instance that a patient does not show up or in the event, you need to reschedule an appointment.


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To do this, simply navigate to the booked appointment time you wish to change and click on the schedule. This will bring up the 'Manage availability' pop up, as seen in the image below.

The booking time will be greyed out with three icons for you to take action



You can view the booking details by clicking the eye icon next to the appointment time. 





How to reschedule a booking

Navigate to the schedule that contains the original booking time and click on the pencil icon. In the below example, I want to cancel my 10:00 am booking.



You will then see a pop up with a button to reschedule the appointment.



Once you have clicked on the reschedule appointment button you will be presented with the alternative times available for you to reschedule the patient to:




Select the appointment time you wish to reschedule to, click the 'change appointment' button in green at the bottom then confirm the change again by clicking 'yes, change'.

In the below example, I want to reschedule the appointment 1 hour later from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.



You will then see the below page to confirm your rescheduled appointment. No further action is required so you can simply click out of the page. 



On the booking history page, you will see the original 10:00 am appointment cancelled with the red flag, and the new 11:00 am booking created for you.



The rescheduled booking will also be updated in the schedule:



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How to cancel a booking

Navigate to the schedule that contains the original booking time and click on the trash icon.




Select the 'cancel appointment' button to continue.



If you go back into the schedule, you will see that the appointment has republished for another patient to book. If you no longer want to publish the time, click on the 'X' to remove it.



A red cancelled flag will also appear next to the patients booking in booking history.



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