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Each time a booking is made on HealthEngine, it is added to the practices HealthEngine Bookings List in their Practice Admin Portal. This is the same portal they use to set up appointment types for you to choose from in the booking form, set their notifications preferences and also perform other administrative tasks like setting up their appointment reminders, and recalls. 


When the booking is added to the practices Bookings List, it also triggers a booking confirmation email that is sent to yourself, and the practice at whatever email address they use for their notifications. It also triggers an email reminder sent to you on the day of your appointment. You can opt out of receiving that notification by asking the practice to add you to their Communication Block List, also found in their Practice Admin Portal.


If you have received any of those notifications, you know the booking has been communicated to the practice and is in their Practice Admin Bookings List. 


The third and final way we notify a practice of your booking, after the booking list, and notification email, is by either integration or sidebar notification. If the practice uses software that we integrate with, we can insert the appointment into their diary. This relies on a healthy network connection to their server and also that the software and hardware that the clinic is using is up to date, compatible with our software, and configured correctly for integration. If they are not able to use integration, then the clinic will manually transfer the booking details to their diary from their sidebar or email notifications. 


By using three methods of notification we hope that practices do not miss your booking. However, if for some reason you arrive at the clinic and are told they do not have your booking, they may just be looking at their appointment diary. Please show them your booking confirmation email, and ask that they check their HealthEngine bookings list in their practice admin portal. The clinic may be having integration issues, or haven't transferred the details across from their sidebar or email notification yet, and it is important this is realised so that any training or integration issues can be looked into asap.


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