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In this article, we will show you how to create a booking for walk-in patients or patients who call over the phone with a few scenarios. 

Navigating to the booking section in Calendar

To create a booking for a patient in-store/ over the phone, simply navigate to the 'Settings' tab in your Practice Admin portal and select 'Manage availability' to bring up your Calendar view.



Navigate to the day you wish to book the patient in for and click anywhere in the schedule to bring up the available slots. 



Now that you are on your Calendar page, select the service and corresponding schedule for which you want to make a booking. You will see the pop-up as shown below.



Click the Calendar icon next to the time where you want to make the booking.



This will open up the booking form for you to make a booking for a patient (this is the same booking flow the patient will see if they are booking online for themselves).



Scenario 1 booking flow: Make a booking for a single patient

Select 'Myself' as you are booking on behalf of the patient.



Select if they are a new or existing patient to the store.



Select the appointment type the patient needs and click 'Continue'.



Capture the patient's details in the form as shown and click 'Continue'.

Please note, mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk.



Select 'Pay in store' and click 'Book now' to complete the booking.


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Scenario 2 booking flow: Make a booking for someone who is booking on behalf of somebody else

Some examples you may come across:

  • A parent making a booking for their child
  • A caregiver who needs to make a booking for their dependant
  • A person making a booking for a friend or family member who may have difficulties booking online or if they don't have either a mobile phone or email address to complete the booking

Select 'Someone else'



Select if they are a new or existing patient to the store.



Select the appointment type the patient needs.



You can select who will receive confirmation and reminder emails. This is default to 'Patient'.

However, if the person that is making a booking for the patient also wants to receive a copy of the emails, you can choose 'Both'.

Click the 'Continue' to proceed with the booking.



Fill in the details of the person that is making a booking on behalf of the patient.


Then proceed to capture the details of the patient in the form below:



Select 'Pay in store' and click 'Book now' to complete the booking.



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How to add multiple bookings to the same appointment time slot

Sometimes you may need to add more than one booking to the same time slot e.g a family or group booking.

You will be able to access this feature once the first booking has been made, or if there is already an existing booking in the time slot you want to use.


TIP: If the patient's appointment time has not passed, you can use this as a way to update patient booking details if they contact you to advise they have made an error or need to update their contact details. This is useful if they never received reminders for their original booking due to incorrect details and you want to ensure they receive important information and reminders going forward.

Ensure you cancel the original booking and unpublish the slot, and advise the patient they will receive a new confirmation email.


To do this, go to your calendar and click on your schedule. In the manage availability pop up, you will see a + icon as an additional option. Once selected, it will open up a new booking form where you will enter in the other customer's details.

In this example, I want to add a new booking to an existing booking at 11:00 am.



If you go back to the schedule and click on the refresh icon, you can see the duplicate slot that has been created at 13:00 in preparation for the additional booking.

Please ensure you are making the additional booking in a timely manner as any delays could potentially cause a double booking to occur.

Essentially, if you are making a booking, don't leave the booking form open and come back to it. And if you don’t require the additional booking or want to come back and finish it later, simply delete the slot by selecting the x to remove.




Once completed, the additional booking will now look like this.



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