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The Calendar feature allows pharmacies to publish their available appointment times online in a familiar, calendar-style interface.


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How to access Calendar

To access Calendar, navigate to the 'Settings' section of your Practice Admin account and click on the 'Manage Availability' tab.



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Using Calendar

The Calendar will display a day view of all services associated with your online bookings. The default view is of the current day, but you can navigate to a different day by using the < or > arrow icons or select the calendar icon to the left of the arrows to select a specific date.

You can zoom in and out of your daily view by clicking the + or - icons on the left. We recommend zooming out to the maximum level when starting out to get a full view of your schedules. 



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How to change your advance publishing preferences

To change your advance publishing preferences, click on the gear icon in the top right (next to the 'Create Schedule' button).




This will open a pop-up box that enables you to click a drop-down list of options for how far in advance you wish to display your available appointments online. The default is 14 days ahead. 



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How to create schedules 

To publish your available appointments online, click on the 'Create Schedule' button in the top right. This will bring up a form as pictured below.




First, start by clicking on the drop-down section under 'Schedule for' and select the consultation room which you wish to create available appointments. 




Once you have selected the relevant consultation room, pick the start date of your schedule. Note that the form will always default to the date currently displayed in the Calendar day view.




Next, choose which service you wish to publish available appointments under the 'Specialty' section. Please note, the form will always default to the first service listed.




The next step is to decide whether you wish to publish just a single available appointment or a block of available appointments.

If you choose 'Single appointment', just select the start time and the length you want the appointment to go for.

You can also choose to repeat the single appointment, weekly, fortnightly or every workday and set a stop date for each schedule. Please note the default is always set to 'Doesn't repeat' and 'Never stop repeating' for weekly, fortnightly and every workday options.




The most common way to create schedules is to add a 'Block of appointments'. The view will be mostly the same as a single appointment but you will now have the option to select an end time. Please note, if you require set breaks for certain services, you will need to create a separate block of appointments for each break.


TIP - When selecting a start and end time, you can free text the time you want (5:00) instead of scrolling all the way down to find 5:00 pm.


Please factor in your service appointment lengths when choosing the length in schedules. 

Example 1: Vaccinations are all 10 mins, so this should be your default appointment length.

Example 2: Beauty services has appointments that are 15 mins and 30 mins. Your appointment length will be the lowest time of 15 mins.

Example 3: Health checks has appointment lengths that range from 5 mins to 30 mins. Your appointment length will be 5 mins so each block can fit all required lengths.

If you prefer, you can create all your schedules in 5 min blocks to accommodate all appointment lengths. Please be aware the same 5 min block will be displayed online for patients to book, it is the length that is set in appointment types that will determine how many of those blocks are booked. E.g If a patient books a 15 min appointment, 3 x 5 min blocks will be allocated and booked.


After this step, remember to set your repeat settings to doesn't repeat, single appointment, weekly, fortnightly or every workday before adding the appointment schedule.



Once you have created your schedule allow a few minutes before you can see the available appointments in the Calendar (especially if you have created them quite far in advance).

If you have chosen to publish repeat appointments, you will see these appear in Calendar up until the specified end date (or on all future days if an end date was not specified). However, only the appointments that are within your advance publishing preferences (e.g. the next 14 days) will appear online for patients to book.


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How to edit and delete schedules

Once you have created some available appointments using Calendar, you may wish to go back and modify them. To do this, simply navigate to the available appointment/s you wish to modify and click on it within the Calendar. This will bring up the 'Update appointments' form, as seen in the image below.

Note, this is the same view you see when creating schedules. You just need to amend your settings and select update appointment.


PLEASE NOTE: If the appointment or block of appointments you're updating is set to repeat, the changes will be applied to all appointments in the repeat series, not just to the selected date. To make changes to only the appointment or appointment block on a particular day, please use Sidebar or the Manage Availability page. 


To delete the schedules, simply select the trash icon.



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How to delete your availability quickly (ad-hoc basis)

This functionality is great when you need to make quick amendments to your live appointments on particular days without affecting your regular schedules. This is great for situations when a staff member may call in sick or need to finish early for the day.


To do this, simply click on the schedule you wish to update. You will see a pop-up default to the 'Manage availability' tab with the individual slots for you to delete.




For this example, I want to remove the last 30 mins of the day and finish at 5pm. I simply click on the to remove the 3 slots. 

Once you have done this, the slots become greyed out with the option to republish again if you have made an error or change your mind!



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How to add availability quickly (ad-hock basis)

This is great when you need to extend your regular schedule or add extra appointments for a particular day.

To do this, just select your date and create a single appointment on the day. Then choose your start time and the length you want the appointment to go for.

You can also choose to repeat the single appointment, weekly, fortnightly or every workday and set a stop date for each schedule. Please note the default is always set to 'Doesn't repeat' and 'Never stop repeating' for weekly, fortnightly and every workday options.




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How to add more consultation rooms

Please email and we will get this added for you!



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