Checking your Services and Appointment Types Follow

This is where you can manage which service and appointment type are available for your patients to book online.


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To access this section, navigate to 'Settings' and click on the 'Appointment Types' tab.



From there, you will see the list of services at the top, with the corresponding appointment types and length below.




How to hide a service or appointment type

You can easily hide appointment types by toggling each one on and off. 



To completely hide a service, you will need to toggle off all appointment types linked to that service so it looks like this:


To hide all online appointments, you will need to toggle off all appointment types linked to that service.


Appointment Types listed under 'Appointment Type available' is what patients will see online, so it's important to toggle this on only when it is ready to be booked online.

Example: Below you can see we have toggled on the first two appointment types.


As a result, the patient will only see the first two as options to pick from.



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How to add/update a service or appointment type

Please send through your request to


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