How to Download a Run Sheet Follow

Downloading a Run Sheet is an easy and customisable feature that depends on your store's preferences! To download a Run Sheet, navigate to Bookings then click on 'Bookings' in your Practice Admin.




Following this, click the 'Export Run Sheet' button to generate a PDF of the listed appointments below that will then download straight to your computer. 



Example Run Sheet:



Filtering your Run Sheet

Applying filters will help specify the Run Sheet to be downloaded depending on your store's requirements. 

To add a filter (or multiple), click the 'Apply filters' button as seen below: 



This section will give you a range of filtering options such as: 

  • Filtering by month or a specific date range
  • Services and appointment types
  • 'Practitioners' or Consultation Rooms
  • And many others as displayed below


Once these filters are applied, repeat the steps above to download the filtered Run Sheet!


If you are experiencing any issues, contact our friendly Healthengine Support Team on

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