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If you are new to joining the HealthEngine network and are going through our self-onboarding this article may help in understanding what is required before you start publishing availability.


You should have already received a login invite email which will allow you access to your practice admin portal, follow the link in the email to set a login password and use that to login on our practice login page. 


Please note, if you already have a Practice Admin login with HealthEngine, your new location may have been added to this existing login email in which case you won't receive another login invite, you can just login with your existing practice admin login, and select your new location using the drop down in the top right hand corner of practice admin. 

Once you log in to this new practice admin location, you will see a series of cards on your home page that show what you need to complete before you can start publishing availability or book an installation call if you are using integrated software.


This looks something like this..




The percentage will increase as you complete the cards shown, and once it hits 100% you will unlock the publish appointments card to go through sidebar and calendar training or book in an install call. 


You need to complete all steps (cards) shown on that home page before you can proceed to publish availability. Once you reach this point, you will see the following:



You click the 'lets go' button and will be asked a series of questions to determine whether you can start publishing immediately using our sidebar and calendar, or if you use software we integrate with, you will be able to book an installation call.


If you get stuck at any part of your self on boarding, you can contact us at for further assistance. 




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