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What is Check-Ins?

Check-Ins reduces stress on your front desk by allowing your patients to self check-in for their appointment and see their live place in queue while they wait for their appointment.


How does it work?

Check-Ins works in three simple steps:

Step 1. Message

An SMS or app notification is sent to the patient about 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment time.


Step 2. Self check-in

The patient taps the link in the SMS or taps on the app notification to confirm their presence at the practice. This automatically updates the patient's arrival status in your Practice Management Software (PMS) to "Arrived". 



Step 3. Live place in queue

The patient receives confirmation that their check-in was successful and is directed to see their live place in queue for the doctor. 




Who can use it?

Check-Ins is available to all practices integrated with Best Practice, Pracsoft, or Zedmed that have a

Practice Efficiency Suite subscription. Simply navigate to Practice Admin > Bookings > Check-Ins to activate it today!

If you are subscribed to Practice Efficiency Suite Essentials and would like to have Check-Ins, simply talk to your Customer Success Manager about upgrading to our Practice Efficiency Suite. 


For more information about Check-Ins, see our full FAQ here.

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