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Healthengine has created the ability for patients to visibly see whether your practice bulk bills in the form of a tag displayed both on your Healthengine Practice Profile and the Healthengine website!

With these Bulk Billing tags you'll be able to show patients that your practice bulk bills at specific times according to the tags criteria - This will allow you to be more visible to patient’s who are only looking for a bulk billed appointments and therefore increase your ability to attract new patients and receive an even better performance on Healthengine!

We've recognised that practices wish to be able to offer a more comprehensive view of the times and circumstances when a patient can be bulk billed and so, there are multiple tags for your practice to choose from.

What do Bulk Billing Tags Look Like?

Our Bulk Billing tags include the following and appear on the Healthengine website as seen below:

  • Bulk Billing
  • Bulk Billing (Weekdays Only) - Your Practice bulk bills Monday to Friday but not weekends.
  • Bulk Billing (Office Hours Only) - Your practice bulk bills during 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.


On your Healthengine Practice Profile, this information will be displayed in text underneath your practice name as shown in the examples below:



If you activate one of these Bulk Bill tag options and choose to still privately bill a patient during the specified hours by the criteria, this is the responsibility of your practice.

Healthengine does not accept any responsibility for incorrectly misleading patients as this will be a decision made solely by your practice


How to Activate a Bulk Billing Tag?

If you are currently not a bulk billed practice on Healthengine and want to activate one of these tags, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our friendly Customer Support Team via phone, chat or email support@healthengine.com.au

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