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Now that you are receiving bookings, it's important to know how to view those bookings.


The  Booking Confirmation Email

We notify you of each new booking via an email that you receive at the same time the patient receives their booking confirmation email. If a patient shows you a booking confirmation email, this means that you also received one. Your booking confirmation email will contain limited information about the booking, however there is a link to your portal where you can then view the patients full booking information in your Bookings list. 



Your Bookings List

When you receive a booking email, the booking is also added to a bookings list in your portal. You can access this bookings list by going to Bookings > Online bookings. 




All your bookings are listed under columns with headings, some of which you can use to sort the bookings. 




1.   In the image above, the headings can be clicked to sort your data by that columns heading. Sortable columns have two arrows next to the heading to indicate they can be used in this way. You can arrange your bookings alphabetically by first name or surname, as well as chronologically by date of appointment or date booked. 

The bookings list gives several details about a booking at a glance, and you can also click the booking to see the full details. The information you can learn at a glance includes Date of the appointment, Date booked, First name, Last name, Practitioner, Booking source, whether they were a New patient, whether they have Cancelled the booking, and if the booking is via Telehealth. 

2.   Above the headings you will see that it says 'Showing bookings for March 2021'. It will always default to the current month, and only show bookings for that period. You can change the date view by clicking Apply filters.


If you click on a booking, the expanded view allows you to see all the patients booking details, as well as give you the ability to mark the appointment as Attended and Consent received. 




On the filters screen, you can apply a number of filters to the bookings list. 




  1. Change the month that you are viewing. You can also choose a specific time period, or day.
  2. View bookings that came through via a particular source - Whether it was booked via a web plugin on your website, the HealthEngine network, or via your practice. 
  3. Only view bookings for particular practitioners.
  4. Only view bookings of a particular specialty, in the case of the Commonwealth Booking Platform that would be COVID-19 Vaccinations. 

Once you apply the filters by pressing the Apply filters button at the bottom, the list will update to only show the specified filtered bookings.


REMINDER: When you are nearing the end of a month, patients will be booking in for the following month, don't forget to use the month filter if you are looking for a booking in the month ahead. 




There is also a Booking types filter at the bottom of the filters, this allows you to filter by new bookings, cancelled bookings, Telehealth, or all bookings. 




Looking back at the filters list, there is also the option to Export to CSV, or Export Run Sheet.



3.  Export to CSV will allow you to export the data to a CSV file that you can then open in Excel, or any application accepting CSV. You will find the CSV file in your downloads folder. 

4.  Export Run Sheet allows you to export a pdf file of the currently shown bookings. This can be used to create a run sheet for the days bookings after applying any necessary filters.  You can see the kind of information displayed for each booking in the run sheet below:




To create a run sheet for the current day, you would want to apply the date filter, choose A specified period, and put todays date in both fields as shown below. 




After you export your run sheet, you will find the pdf in your downloads folder. 



Viewing Bookings in Manage Availability

You can also view bookings directly in your HealthEngine availability schedules. To access this, go to Settings> Manage Availability.




On the Manage Availability page, any availability that has been booked is indicated by a darker shade of blue, and also a calendar icon on the far right as shown in the image below:




If you click into it, you will then see an expanded view of the availability you've created. Any availability that has been booked will have an eye icon next to it on this screen, click the eye to see the booking details.




This allows you to see all the patients bookings details, just as you would accessing the booking in your bookings list. 







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