Patient Appointment Management System - Practice Training - Short Training Videos Follow

Here you can find a series of short videos that explain how to get started using your Patient Appointment Management System:

Welcome Video

  • An introduction, and instruction on how to get support. 

How to login

  • Covers how to access our website, and how to log in successfully to your portal.

How to add further logins

  • Covers how to add additional logins for other staff members.

How to receive email notifications 

  • Covers how to add an email address to receive booking notifications.

How to check your appointment types

  • Covers how to control your COVID vaccine stock levels for online bookings

How to publish availability 

  • Covers how to publish availability so that patients can book their vaccine appointments online.

How to remove or republish availability

  • Covers how to remove any availability you may have published, and how to republish any removed availability. 

How to make a booking

  • Covers how to book an appointment for a patient yourself, and how to add additional family members to the same appointment time. 

How to reschedule a booking

  • Covers how to reschedule a booking that a patient has made.

How to cancel a booked appointment

  • Covers how to cancel an appointment that a patient has booked.

How to check your bookings

  • Covers how to view who has booked in, who has cancelled.

How to print a run sheet

  • Covers how to print a sheet of the days bookings to help you manage your appointments. 

How to mark attendance and consent, and print a certificate of attendance.

  • Covers how you mark consent for the vaccine in your portal, as well as attendance, and how to print a certificate of attendance.



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