Patient Appointment Management System - How do I log in? Follow


You should have received an email with an invitation to create your HealthEngine login. Follow the link in the email to set your password and after that you will be taken to the page to log in.


If you have already set up your password and are unsure how to log back in to your portal, you will find the login button on our homepage here


You can login by clicking the login button at the top of the page and then clicking Practice log in.


You can also find a Practice Log in button at the bottom of our homepage. 


If you accidentally find yourself at the patient login page that you can see below, there is also a link to the Practice Log in at the bottom of that page too.



If you get an error that you have entered an incorrect email address, please check that there are no spaces before or after the email address as shown in the screenshot below.  


If you want to set up further logins for other users, see our article on how to add or change a log in here


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