Bulk Billing Clinics and Telehealth Follow

We have had a lot of feedback from patients that they are booking Telehealth appointments only to be notified at the time of the appointment that it cannot be fulfilled as they are new patients. This results in a poor experience for the patient and wasted time for your practitioners.


Please ensure that if you will not be conducting Telehealth appointments for new patients, that you update any of your Telehealth appointment types to 'existing patients only'. This way, if a patient says they are a new patient in the booking form, the Telehealth appointment types will not be presented as options to book. To find out how to edit your appointment types, please see our article here




If you do wish to leave the appointment types available to all patients, and still privately bill new patients for Telehealth appointments, they should be aware that no Medicare rebate will be available.


With all the changes happening lately, it's important to keep up to date on the Telehealth requirements to ensure a positive experience for both patients and your practice.  You can get the latest information on what Medicare rebates are available via the Medicare Benefits Schedule website. 

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