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Our Customer Success team will add the specialty of ‘COVID-19 Vaccinations’ to your practice listing on Healthengine and from here you would follow the below step-by-step guide:


How to set up your COVID-19 Vaccinations in the appointment book of your Practice Management Software:

      • Open your Practice Management Software
      • Create another practitioner labelled ‘Vaccinations’ or ‘COVID-19 Vaccinations’ 
      • Create availability for this practitioner as you would your other practitioners 
        • e.g. if you’re using Best Practice or Pracsoft, you would create the availability for this user via your Sessions
        • If you’re using Pracsoft, you may find it beneficial to create an additional appointment book location for your COVID-19 Vaccinations, as well as a new practitioner, so you can have different appointment lengths for your GP and COVID appointment books. 
      • Once your new practitioner column and availability is setup, proceed to the below section to set this practitioner up for online bookings on HealthEngine. 

How to set up your practitioner/s on Healthengine:

      • Log into your PracticeAdmin portal at 
      • Go to ‘Manage practitioners’
      • Click on the 'Add practitioner' button at the top-right of the page.
        • A pop up form will appear to complete the practitioner’s details as follows: 
        • Title: Leave this field blank 
        • First Name: Consultation 
        • Last Name: Room 1
        • Specialty: select ‘COVID-19 Vaccinations’
        • Is this practitioner available for online bookings? Click YES
        • Select an appointment book to link with this practitioner: Select the relevant vaccination appointment book that you created in the above in your Practice Management Software
  • Is this practitioner available for online bookings on public holidays? Choose YES or NO according to your vaccination availability setup in your Practice Management Software  
      • Once complete, press the ‘Add practitioner’ button 
    • Please allow 5 minutes or so for your availability to start publishing for online bookings
    • Note: If you have more than one practitioner column set up for COVID-19 Vaccinations in your Practice Management Software , you can repeat the above process to create a Consultation Room practitioner for each of the columns: 
      • Consultation Room 1, Consultation Room 2, Consultation Room 3, etc.
    • Healthengine’s recommendation is to have 1x COVID-19 Vaccination column in the appointment book of your Practice Management Software to streamline and simplify the booking process for patients, as well as an easier to manage and organise appointment book for the process. 

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