New Patient Form Integrations - FAQs Follow

This article provides information on some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our New Patient Forms integration feature and how it updates your Practice Management Software (PMS).

How long does it take the New Patient Form to attach and update the patient record in my PMS?

It will take 10 minutes from the time the patient submits their completed New Patient Form for this to attach to and update the patient record in your Practice Management Software.

To find out where to find these New Patient Forms in your PMS, check out our Help Centre article, About the New Patient Forms Integrations.

Why don't all the fields on the New Patient Form auto-update the patient record fields of my PMS?

Due to Practice Management Software limitations, some fields are not able to be populated - however, we are continuously working closely with our PMS vendors to ensure that we are populating as much information as we can from the completed New Patient Form into the patient record.

Why does the New Patient Form auto-populate more fields into a New Patient record than it does with an Existing Patient record?

The below key fields need to be an exact match (except the Medicare field, if it's empty**) for the fields to update on an existing patient record:

    • Patient's First Name
    • Patient's Last Name
    • Patient's Date of Birth 
    • Patient's Mobile Number 
    • Patient's Suburb of their Home Address
    • Patient's Postcode of their Home Address 
    • Patient's Medicare Number
      • **If this field is empty in the patient record, we will automatically match the Medicare number

How come not all of the relevant fields of the New Patient Form updated my patient record?

Some of the common reasons why the patient details from the New Patient Form didn't update the patient record in your Practice Management Software are: 

    • The information the patient has provided on the booking form differs from the information they've provided on their New Patient Form 
    • The patient details on the New Patient Form differ from what's listed in the patient record: E.g. spelling or grammatical differences; this integration is case sensitive.
    • We find a matching patient record in your Practice Management Software and at least 6 of the key fields that require an exact match, do not match the details provided on the New Patient Form.

What happens if the patient submits multiple New Patient Forms for the same booking?

We insert the most recently submitted New Patient Form into your Practice Management Software; this is also one of the reasons why we wait for 10-minutes before updating the patient record with the submitted New Patient Form. 


Why aren't my off-platform New Patient Form submissions being integrated?

Currently, Off-Platform new patient form submissions are not associated with a Healthengine booking, so there is no way to easily identify which patient record in your practice software should be updated with the submitted new patient form data. 

In future, this feature will be updated so that new patient forms are associated with appointments in your practice software. This will enable these forms to be integrated properly to your patient records. However, for walk-in patients, as these patients never have a booking, these forms still won't be integrated with your software. 


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