Patient Appointment Management System - Default Settings Follow

When you first begin, you will have the following default settings. They can all be adjusted by emailing a request through to


Blackout time: You will begin with a blackout time of 24 hours - what this means is that patients will not be able to book in on the day for a Vaccine. They will need to book an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. This means you won't get any surprise online bookings on the day after you have already printed your run sheet for the day. 


Cancellation time: The default cancellation time is 2 hours. Patients will be able to cancel their appointment online up to 2 hours before the appointment time.


Appointment Length: The default appointment length will be 15 minutes. You may be used to completing vaccine appointments quicker than this, but we anticipate you might get more questions with the Covid Vaccine and as you are new to online bookings it is best to have more time while you learn the system. 

Note - You can view your current setting for appointment length by going to settings> appointment types in your portal. If you need a change to this length please contact us. 


Consultation Rooms: You will only begin with 1 consultation room to publish availability for. Please contact us if you will be using multiple consultation rooms and would like us to add additional rooms online for patients to book into.  



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