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SMS appointment reminders are an optional feature we can offer practices to use, however regardless of whether they use SMS appointment reminders, we also send you an email reminder an hour before the appointment.


If you would like to receive an SMS or email reminder at another time, let your practice know, and they can get in touch with us to organise a reminders subscription. They will be able to customise when the reminders go out, for which appointment types, and which doctors. Generally practices choose to send the reminder at the same time as your appointment, but the day or several days earlier. 


If you have the HealthEngine App on iOS,  you can also set your own app notifications using our new 'To Do' feature, and it's not just to remember appointments, you can use it for anything! Don't forget to get your referral for your specialist, remember to ask the doctor about that new medication you heard of, you can even remind yourself to floss each night! 




Once your reminder is overdue, the date and time will turn red and you will see a notification in the bar at the bottom of the screen. You can then check the box next to the reminder and it will be crossed out, this will help you know what tasks have been completed. 


Give it a try and keep an eye on your HealthEngine notifications for your next reminder!



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