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Dual Staff Bookings is a feature of the booking system that enables clinics to take online bookings where two staff members are required for an appointment, e.g. a doctor and a nurse for a vaccination appointment. 


This feature is available as part of our Practice Efficiency Suite subscription for practices integrated with Best Practice, MedicalDirector/Pracsoft, or Zedmed. If you have one of these integrations and you would like to upgrade to the Practice Efficiency Suite, please speak to your Customer Success Manager who will be able to assist. If you already have the Practice Efficiency Suite subscription, read on below to find out how to set up Dual Staff Bookings for your clinic. 


The first step of setting up Dual Staff Bookings is to enable your nurses in Healthengine. To do this, open your Practice Admin account and navigate to Manage practitioners and then "Manage nurses". To access this page now, click here.



On the "Manage nurses" page, you will find a list of appointment books synced from your Practice Management Software (PMS) that have not yet been linked to a Healthengine appointment practitioner (these are found under the "Manage practitioners" tab - those with the "Edit appointment types" button active).




To enable one or more of your appointment books as a nurse, simply enable the toggle next to each appointment book name you wish to enable as is done with Nurse Four in the screenshot above. 


The next step is to decide whether you would like for nurses to take multiple bookings for the same appointment times or to only accept one booking per appointment time. If you would like to only take one booking per appointment time, then there is no action required - you're all set. If you would like to take multiple bookings per appointment time for nurses, then you can enable the toggle pictured below. 



Now that you have enabled one or more nurses for your practice, you now need to configure the appointment types for which you would like to enable Dual Staff Bookings. To do this, navigate to 'Appointments setup', and 'Appointment types'. To access the 'Appointment types' page now, click here.


On the Appointment types page, find the appointment types for which you would like to enable Dual Staff Bookings and click on the "Auto book nurse" drop down option. 



For that practitioner and appointment type, choose whether you would like the nurse to be booked before, during, or after the practitioner's appointment and click on the applicable option. Next, set the length of the nurse appointment. Note that this should be a multiple of the standard appointment length for you nurse appointment book/s in your PMS. E.g. if your nurse's standard appointment length is 10 minutes, the nurse appointment length here can be 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. 



Once you have repeated the above for all the appointment types for which you wish to enable Dual Staff Bookings, you're all done! Now patients will be able to book those appointment types with both the doctor and the nurse according to the settings you selected. 


If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff who will be happy to assist you. You can do this by using the 'Help' button in the bottom right corner of your Practice Admin account. 


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