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When activating a form that needs to be completed online prior to the patients appointment, whether it is a New Patient Form, or Pre Screening form, once the patient has completed it you will find it in your practice admin portal bookings list. 


There will be an icon in the bookings list on the far right hand side of the page next to any patients that have completed a form. To view the form, click into the patients booking in the booking list, scroll to the bottom of their booking details and you will see the form. You can download the completed PDF form and use it as needed. 




Depending on your PMS software, and HealthEngine subscription, you may also be eligible for some form of integration for these forms. If you would like to have your forms integrated into your software, please reach out to our support team via live chat or support@healthengine.com.au with your request.


Regardless of whether you have integration set up, our primary form of notification for these completed forms, just like bookings, is your practice admin portal bookings list. Please ensure that if a patient says they have completed their online form, that you check your bookings list in your practice admin portal for the form. 


You can read more about New Patient forms here.

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