How should I set up my appointment book for Healthengine's Fluvax Solution? Follow

Have you recently signed up for Healthengine's Fluvax Solution and you are not sure how to set up your appointment book to best accommodate your Flu Vaccinations?


No need to stress!


This article will walk you through the process of setting up your Practice Management Software to best integrate with Healthengine's Fluvax Solution. 


What do I do with the appointment book in my Practice Management Software?


First, you will need to create a Fluvax practitioner in your Practice Management Software.

  • We find practices are favouring setting this Fluvax practitioner as a Registered Nurse.

Once you've created your Fluvax practitioner, please go ahead and create your availability sessions in your Practice Management Software, as you usually would for your other practitioners. 


I want to immunise 8 patients an hour, how should I configure my appointment book?


Your setup would depend on what your current standard appointment length is for your practice.


If you run a 15-minute appointment book, we would recommend opening 1x practitioner column for every 4 patients per hour:

  • 8 patients per hour = 2 x 15-minute practitioner columns
  • 12 patients per hour = 3 x 15-minute practitioner columns
  • 16 patients per hour = 4 x 15-minute practitioner columns
  • 20 patients per hour = 5 x 15-minute practitioner columns
  • 24 patients per hour = 6 x 15-minute practitioner columns

If you run a 10-minute appointment book, we would recommend opening 1x practitioner column for every 6 patients per hour:

  • 6 patients per hour = 1 x 10-minute practitioner column
  • 12 patients per hour = 2 x 10-minute practitioner columns
  • 18 patients per hour = 3 x 10-minute practitioner columns
  • 24 patients per hour = 4 x 10-minute practitioner columns
  • 30 patients per hour = 5 x 10-minute practitioner columns


I want to add Fluvax-related practitioners to Healthengine for online bookings 

Healthengine's Support team will initially create a Fluvax practitioner in Practice Admin to connect to your Fluvax availability from your Practice Management Software.


We understand that supply and demand may require additional Fluvax practitioners to be set up and connected to online bookings on Healthengine and instructions on how to do so can be found below: 





My appointment availability in my Practice Management Software isn't publishing to Healthengine

The below articles from your Help Centre will walk you through how to troubleshoot your missing availability, depending on what Practice Management Software you use: 

If you use a Practice Management Software other than Best Practice, Medical Director Pracsoft or ZedMed, we have additional troubleshooting resources in our Help Centre at


If you have recently changed appointment books in your own Practice Management Software (be it location name, practitioner name, or session appointment length), you may need to connect your Healthengine practitioner/room to a new book. Please see the following article for further instruction:


We're running out of vaccines and want to stop the Fluvax-related practitioner from publishing availability on Healthengine 

You can temporarily disable a practitioner for online bookings and, when the time is right, reenable them for online bookings - all through your Practice Admin portal!


A step-by-step guide on how to do this can be found at:


If you are experiencing any persisting issues or have further queries, please contact our Customer Success team for assistance through our Live Chat feature, accessible via the 'Help' button at the bottom right-hand corner of your PracticeAdmin portal.


Our Live Chat opening hours are Monday-Friday from 7am to 4pm AWST.

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