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This article covers how to use the Communicate feature. You can click one of the links below to jump straight to a particular section or simply scroll down manually to see each section sequentially. 


Accessing Communicate

If you have a subscription to the Communicate feature, you will be able to access it in Practice Admin under 'Connections' > 'Communicate'.



If you are not subscribed to the Communicate feature and you would like to be, please speak to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will be able to arrange this for you. Please note that Communicate is only available for customers who have either the Online Booking System or the Patient360 bundle (both Essentials and Premium tiers). 

Once you're in the Communicate screen, you will be able to initiate a send using the options provided. 

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Creating your message

The first step is to create your message. To get started, click on the 'Create a message' button on the Communicate page.


From here, you can select a message template from the in-built options or you can craft a custom message. For details about what template options are currently available in Communicate, please click here to view our article 'Communicate Template Options'.



If you would like additional template options, please let us know what you would like added by emailing the details to or by using the chat feature ('Help' button) in the bottom right corner of Practice Admin. 


When crafting a custom message, please note that HealthEngine automatically includes your practice's name at the start of the message and the opt-out option at the end of the message. These parts of the message cannot be customised. 


For tips and best practices on creating a custom message in Communicate, including guidance on how to comply with the Spam Act 2003 (Cth), please view our related article here.


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Uploading a CSV of patient mobile numbers

Once you've selected which message you'd like to send, you will be able to upload a CSV containing the mobile numbers of all the patients you'd like to send the message to. To obtain these numbers, we recommend doing a CSV export from your Practice Management System (PMS). For guidance on how to do this, click here for Best Practice and here for MedicalDirector/Pracsoft. Please note that there are certain formatting requirements for the mobile numbers; the numbers must be in one of the formats listed below:

  • +61 4XX XXX XXX
  • 04XX XXX XXX.

Once you've uploaded the CSV, we will automatically exclude any duplicates or incorrectly formatted numbers from the send so that you won't be charged for these. 



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Reviewing the cost estimate

Next, you will see an estimate of the cost of the send at the bottom of the page. These costs are based on a standard rate of 7c per SMS. As an example, if you were sending a message of less than 160 characters to 500 patients, you cost estimate would be 1 x 500 x 0.07 = $35. 



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Submitting a send

If you are happy with the estimated cost, you can now submit your send. Please note that an Acceptable Use Policy applies to this feature and you must ensure that you are not in breach of this policy or your Communicate service may be terminated. Click here to view the Acceptable Use Policy now. 

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After submitting a send

Once you've submitted your send request, you will receive a confirmation email confirming the send and outlining the details of the send. This email will be sent to either your Billing Contact or Primary Contact.

All charges accumulated using the Communicate product within a particular billing period will be added to the next monthly invoice. Please ensure that you manage your send costs according to the budget of your practice. 

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Reviewing past sends

To review your past sends, simply navigate to the Communicate landing page under Practice Admin > Connections > Communicate. Here you will see a table summarising your past sends, including the date and time of send, the template used, the number of recipients, the estimated cost, and the status of each send. For more details on a particular send, click on the eye icon under the 'Details' column at the end. 



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If you have any questions or concerns about the content of this article, please reach out to our friendly Support team using the 'Help' button in the bottom right corner of Practice Admin or by emailing

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