Help Sections For Practice

HealthEngine COVAX (PMS Integrated)

Support for using the HE integrated Covax solution


A complete user guide for our Pharmacy partners.

Practice Admin

Everything you need to know about using Practice Admin.

Self Serve

Support articles to help you quickly and easily manage your HealthEngine products.

Practice Management Software Integration Troubleshooting

Tips, customization and troubleshooting for integrating with various Practice management software providers.

HealthEngine Sidebar & Calendar

The 'Manage Availability' page. Tips, troubleshooting, and training for the practices publishing availability manually due to non integrated software.

Training Videos & Webinars

Watch HealthEngine training videos at your own convenience. You can also register for a HealthEngine Webinar for more in-depth training.

HealthEngine Troubleshooting & FAQ

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


Everything you need to know about HealthEngine's Recalls product.


Everything you need to know to assist you with our new Telehealth product.


Everything you need to know about HealthEngine's Reminders product.


Everything you need to know about HealthEngine Scripts, including frequently asked questions.

Web Plugin

Installing and troubleshooting the Web Plugin for your website and Facebook.


The latest announcements, updates and news from HealthEngine's Support team.

Marketing Resources

Resources, tips and tricks to help you promote online bookings in your practice.