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    Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Creating and Updating your Healthengine Account - App

    Can I use the Apple sign in 'hide email' feature for my login?

    How to Create a Passcode

    How can I manage my appointments in the HealthEngine App?

    How to Update a Verified Mobile Number

    How to use My Care Team

    How can I reset my password?

    How can I remove a user profile from my account?

    How to create an account via the HealthEngine website?

    Is it possible to add multiple profiles to one user account?

    How do I book an appointment for someone else?

    How can I keep track of my appointments?

    How can I update my details for future bookings?

    How can I reset my password?

    How can I remove a user profile from my account?

    Booking notifications FAQ

    Can't find your booking confirmation?

    Having issues completing a booking?

    How are practices notified of my booking?

    How can I cancel or change an appointment I booked online?

    Why can't I see my appointment when I log in to my account?

    How to verify or change your email address

    Why is a mobile phone number required to make a booking?

    Online Scripts FAQs

    How to create and share a MyMedicare Registration form

    Bulk bill consent - Medicare changes and collecting consent FAQs

    Bulk bill consent - Product FAQs

    Bulk bill consent - Getting started & how it works

    Booking Notifications

    Healthengine's BOP: Booking Online Prompt

    The Patient Journey with Stripe Payments

    Setting up Payments with Stripe

    Payments FAQ

    What happens if I want to prioritise Google Reviews in my Feedback?

    Healthengine's Recalls Feature

    Getting Started with Healthengine

    How to Log into your Practice Admin

    Live Chat and Help Options for Pharmacy

    Healthengine's Live Chat and Help Options

    Telehealth Bulk Billing Consent

    COVID-19 Pre-screening Forms

    Bulk Billing Clinics and Telehealth

    Self On-Boarding for New Practices

    FAQ: Launching Telehealth for Practices on HealthEngine

    Telehealth: Secure Video Consultations

    How to Activate Telehealth

    Telehealth Refunds - Policy and Process

    How to set up my appointment book for Healthengine's COVAX Integrated Solution?

    Telehealth on Healthengine FAQ

    My Practitioner's Appointments are No Longer Online?

    Google Analytics 4 (GA4): Setup on a Practice Web-Plugin

    How to set up a Healthengine appointment link on your Google Business Profile

    Update regarding COVID National Booking System

    How to use Recalls - getting started and learning the basics

    Recalls Automation Training Video

    Healthengine's Recalls and Best Practice