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Has a new practitioner recently joined your practice or has one recently left? Healthengine's Practice Admin gives you the ability to manage your practitioners in a quick and convenient way!

To add, edit or delete a practitioner from your Practice Profile, simply navigate to the 'Manage Practitioners' menu option. 



How to add a practitioner

To add a practitioner, click on the 'Add practitioner' button in the top right-hand corner of the page. 


This will bring up a form in which you can enter the new practitioner's title, first name, last name, gender and specialty.

Please note: You will only see specialties you are contracted for - if you'd like to add another specialty you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Customer Support Team to assist you.


When you select a specialty, another box may appear for you to fill in the AHPRA number of the practitioner - this will only appear for AHPRA-supported specialties.


You will need to fill in the AHPRA number for your practitioner to be approved - you can search for this in the AHPRA's directory by clicking on the link provided. 



If you have a bookings product with Healthengine, you can also choose whether this practitioner should be available for online appointments and select their appointment book from your Practice Management Software.

To find out about publishing on Public Holidays, check out our Healthengine Help Centre article, Managing Your Public Holiday Hours.

Please note: To make a practitioner available for online appointments at a later stage or include Public Holidays, you will need to contact our Healthengine Support Team.




Once the above information is completed, click 'Add practitioner' - this will create a profile for the practitioner which will appear on your Practice Profile. 



This new practitioner will be added to the top of the practitioner list as seen below with a prompt to finish creating their profile.




How to Edit a Practitioner Profile

You will be given two options when editing a practitioner's profile - the option to edit their profile itself as it appears on your Practice Profile or edit their appointment types as they appear to be booked by patients. 



When you click on 'Edit profile' you will see various options for completing the practitioner's profile including uploading an image, specifying the practitioner's gender, qualifications, specialties, languages, description and more. The completion of these fields are optional and you can come back to edit these settings at any time. 




Please note: Chosen languages will also be displayed on your Practice Profile under your Practice Information as seen below:



To find out more about editing appointment types for a practitioner, check out our Healthengine Help Centre article, Adding, Editing and Removing Appointment Types. 


How to remove a practitioner

To remove a practitioner from your account, simply click on the bin icon to the right of the practitioner's name.



When clicking on the delete icon, you will be asked to confirm the action.



Once you click 'Delete', you should see the practitioner removed from the list. If you click 'Go back', the deletion will be cancelled and the practitioner will remain in the list. 


How to reorder your practitioners

You can also use the 'Manage Practitioners' page to change the order of your practitioner profiles as they appear on your Practice Profile. 



To do this, simply click and hold onto the grab icon ManagePractitioners-GripIcon.png to the left of the practitioner you wish to move then drag them to their desired location in the list. A blue line will show you where the practitioner will be moved to when you release the mouse. 



If you experience any issues or need assistance with making changes, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team via phone, chat or email 

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