Off-Platform support for New Patient Forms - FAQs Follow

Healthengine is now offering support for our online new patient forms to be distributed to patients booking outside of the Healthengine platform, e.g. via phone or as a walk-in appointment. This feature is called "Off-Platform New Patient Forms". 


How does it work?

Practices that have access to this feature, who also have an eligible Best Practice, Medical Director/Pracsoft or ZedMed, will be able to specify which appointment book/s in their PMS they'd like Healthengine to automatically send out New Patient Forms for new patients via SMS at the time that they book their appointment. 


You can activate your New Patient Forms to send for off-platform, non-Healthengine, bookings by logging into your Practice Admin portal, going to the Forms section, click on New Patient Forms and follow the below instructions: 

  • Go to the off-platform forms section in the left-hand side menu, where you will be prompted to set up which appointment books in your PMS you'd like Healthengine to send New Patient Forms out for, via the Location settings page in Practice Admin.
  • If you haven't activated the New Patient Forms product, you will be guided through a self-serve flow of activating New Patient Forms, after which you'll be able to access the off-platform forms section and follow the same instructions as provided above.

You can access your 'Location settings' page in 2 ways: 

  • via the 'Location settings', under the Account section in Practice Admin, or
  • via the 'Location settings' link in the off-platform forms page under the Forms section in Practice Admin  

Once the patient has submitted their New Patient Form, after a 10-minute delay to ensure identity verification, we auto-insert the patient details from the New Patient Form into the patient record in the PMS and attach the submitted New Patient Form as a PDF to both the patient record in the PMS and in the New Patient Form section of Practice Admin, for your practice's reference. 


For practices that don't have an eligible PMS but do have access to our New Patient Forms, we offer the ability for practices to access a unique URL and QR code for their practice that can be downloaded or copied from Practice Admin into an SMS or email, or printed out and displayed in the waiting room for patients to scan upon entry. New Patient Forms submitted from the QR code or the URL will be available to download in your Practice Admin portal; they will not integrate into your PMS. 


How you distribute the URL and/or QR code for your practice is up to you - you have full control over which patients receive an online copy of your New Patient Form and when. Though it is strongly recommended to print out the QR code and display it in your waiting room as this is the most efficient way to ensure all of your patients are completing their forms online. 


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How much does it cost?

For General Practice clinics on our Practice Efficiency Suite (PES) Plus tier, this feature is included for free in your subscription.

For General Practice clinics not on our PES Plus tier, you will need to upgrade to the Plus tier to receive access to this new feature. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in upgrading. 

For clinics of other verticals, such as Allied or Dental, you will be able to purchase a subscription to the Off-Platform New Patient Forms product for $20/month.

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When will it be available?

This feature is available now! If you are eligible, simply navigate to your Practice Admin account and go to Products > Forms> New Patient Forms > Off-Platform Forms to view the new options.


From here, you can see a list of forms that have been submitted from your off-platform patients and access your practice's unique URL and QR code for copying, downloading, and/or printing. 


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Why aren't my off-platform New Patient Form submissions being integrated?

Your off-platform New Patient Forms, for non-Healthengine bookings, will integrate into your PMS if you meet the following criteria: 

  • You use an eligible PMS of Best Practice, Medical Director/Pracsoft or ZedMed
  • Your practice's Location settings have been set up in Practice Admin: 
  • Your Appointment Connector is on version or above

We would recommend checking your Location settings first. You can access your 'Location settings' page in 2 ways: 

  • via the 'Location settings', under the Account section in Practice Admin, or
  • via the 'Location settings' link in the off-platform forms page under the Forms section in Practice Admin  

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A form that was submitted previously is no longer showing in Practice Admin. What happened?

All submitted form data is automatically deleted from our systems 14 days after the form was submitted by the patient. This is to ensure that the data is kept as private and secure as possible. Please ensure all submitted form data is saved into your patient record system within 14 days of the patient submitting the form to avoid losing the data. You will be notified as soon as a form is submitted and reminded 2 days before the form data is due to be deleted so that there is plenty of opportunity to save the data before it is deleted. 

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How do I know if another member of staff at my practice has already downloaded a submitted form?

In the off-platform form submission list view, each submitted form has a checkmark next to it if it has already been downloaded by your practice. If there is no checkmark next to a form submission, you should download it as soon as possible to retain a copy of the data before it is deleted from Healthengine. 

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If you have any further questions or concerns about this feature, please get in touch with us using the 'Help' button on the bottom right of your Practice Admin account. 


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